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Class cancellations, changes & substitution info

・Sat 6:00 PM Dec. 12th Pole dance beginner and intermediate with Jojo has been changed to Lu. 
・Thu 7:00 PM Dec. 24th Pole dance beginner with AIRA has been changed to Lu.

・From Dec. 9th, instructor Yose’s pole dance class will move from Thursday to Wednesday. Every Wednesday 7:00 PM Pole dance beginner with Yose.
・From Dec. 10th, instructor AIRA’s classes will move from Wednesday to Thursday. Every Thursday 7:00 PM Pole dance beginner and 8:40 PM Pole dance beginner and intermediate with AIRA.
・Starting from December, pole dance beginner and intermediate class with Christi at 1:00 PM every Friday.
・Friday at 8:30 PM Miguel’s pole trick class moved to every Saturday 7:40 PM 
・Saturday at 6:00 PM Jojo’s intermediate class is now beginner and intermediate.

・4:45 PM Dec. 12th Contortion class with Eri
・7:40 PM Dec. 12th Pole dance beginner with Jojo. (We have 6:00PM Beginner and intermediate with Lu instead)
・3:30 PM & 4:45 PM Dec. 19th Contortion classes with Eri.
・8:40 PM Dec. 24 Pole dance intermediate with AIRA.
・7:40 PM Dec. 26 Pole dance trick with Miguel and pole dance beginner with Jojo.

【Notice of studio closure
Our studio will be closed due to new year’s holiday between Dec. 29th – Jan. 3rd.

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