Lu's Pole Dance and Aerial Dance Studio [Pole Dance Tokyo] : The largest in Japan with a world champion instructor. 3min walk from Akasaka/Akasakamitsuke station.


Aug 18&25 Chiharu’s sexy pole choreography class

Aug 18&25 20:30 – 90min Chiharu’s sexy pole choreography class Music Ramsey – 2am Enjoy Chiharu’s sensual and erotic choreography class! For a beginner, above beginner levels. Please bring high heels, knee pad, short pants. Reserve your spot online now!  Chiharu’s movie

Limited time only! Christi’s classes

AUG 17 – 31 Limited time only! Christi Ray’s Burlesque and Sexy pole choreography classes! Join us and pick up the hot, sexy moves!  Christi Ray : Originally from Russia, Pole dance globe champion 2015, Christi is a multi talented performer of the highest level. She has years of international working experiences such as boat …

Obon holiday

We will close 15th Aug 2017 for Obon holiday.

11th August Pole dance basic&beginner instructor changed

11th August Pole dance basic&beginner at 10:15 – by instructor HANA has been changed to instructor Chikage.

Media News

Instructor Hitomi and our male students are featured on Nippon TV [School KAKUMEI] on 30th July 2017    

One day only! Sensual pole dance class by Antoine Soulat

  17th July 2017 (Public day off Monday) 13:30 – 15:00 at Pole Dance Tokyo studio Bring students to connect with their body, personal sensitivity and sensuality. The workshop is meant to work on some deep foundations of the movements through core and subtle strengthening, wave and isolations. We will finish with a sexy choreo …

July 6th – August 10th. Burlesque class (Sexy Chair Dance)

July 6th – August 10th. Burlesque class (Sexy Chair Dance) Theme: Sexy Chair Dance Song title: “You Can Leave Your Hat On” by Joe Cocker What to bring: Your favorite sexy outfit or any comfortable clothes to dance,high heel shoes,gloves,shirt/jacket/raincoat (we will take it off!), hat ( we have it at studio!), [*If you have …

Today’s Aerial Tissu basic instructor changed

Today’s Aerial Tissu basic at 18:15 – by instructor MARICO has been changed to Aerial Tissu basic and beginner instructor KOZUE. *Aerial Tissu beginner at 20:00 has been cancelled.

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