Lu's Pole Dance and Aerial Dance Studio [Pole Dance Tokyo] : The largest in Japan with a world champion instructor. 3min walk from Akasaka/Akasakamitsuke station.

Class cancellations, changes & substitution info



All March Tuesday 19:15 Pole dance beginner / Instructor Lu➤Alice
March 19th (Tue), 26th (Tue), Pole dance beginner / Instructor Lu➤Alice
March 28th (Thu) Studio A 14:20 Burlesque changed to Studio B 14:45
March 30th (Sat) 13:00 Pole dance beginner, 14:15 Pole dance Intermediate / Instructor Chiharu➤Chikage
March 31st (Sun) 17:00 Aerial tissu beginner / Instructor Azu➤Tomo

April 2nd (Tue) 19:15 Pole dance beginner / Instructor Alice➤Chikage
April 6th (Sat) 18:15 Pole dance beginner & intermediate*M&F mix class / Instructor Alice➤Chikage

【Class cancellation】
*March 28th (Thu) 14:45 Contortion intermediate / Instructor NoN
*Every Sunday 11:30 Sexy butt exercise by instructor Diana will end as of March 31 2019

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