Lu's Pole Dance and Aerial Dance Studio [Pole Dance Tokyo] : The largest in Japan with a world champion instructor. 3min walk from Akasaka/Akasakamitsuke station.

Class cancellations, changes & substitution info

【New year`s Holiday】Dec 31st-Jan 4th
【Substitute】Jan 12th (Sat), 19th (Sat), 26th (Sat) 15:30 & 16:45 Contortion beginner/instructor ERi→instructor NoN
1/6(Sun)11:30 Sexy bum workout, 13:00 Pole dance beginner, 14:15 Pole dance intermediate/Diana→Lu
1/7(Mon)18:30 Pole dance beginner, 19:45Pole dance intermediate&advance/Diana→Lu
1/8(Tue)18:15 Sexy bum workout, 19:20 Pole dance intermediate, 20:40 burlesque/Diana→Chiharu
1/10(Thu)13:00 Pole dance beginner&intermediate、14:20 burlesque/Diana→Chiharu

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