The new class booking system

Please use the new system (The site is available in English and Korean) to book a class from June 11, 2021. Online payment is available as well. 

Please read the details of the information below carefully.

1)New class booking site

New Booking Site

Please read how to book a class via the new booking site;

*Such as a booking confirmation email will be sent from this booking site automatically, please set to allow receive the domain “@”. If you don’t receive it, please check spam/junk folders.

Please note: We also have the app (DL links are below), however, the app is not displayed in English, Japanese only. If you wish to book in English, please use the booking site above instead of the app.

App for iPhone

App for Android

How to book a class via App in Japanese.

2)How to change the language of the booking site

If Japanese is set as the default language on the website, please scroll down to the bottom and you will see the little box where you can choose your preferred language, so please change the language there.

3)The printed class ticket we are currently using (including Open pole & Aerial ticket), as well as the issuance of printed member card, will be invalid from now. 

If you log in to the new booking site, you can easily check your membership status, the number of class tickets and the usage of the tickets from your smartphone, laptop, iPad etc. so the issuance system of printed tickets will all be terminated.

If you have printed tickets, please bring them to the studio as usual and use them. After all printed tickets are used, you will have to start using the new booking site for purchasing class tickets and managing the number of the tickets and no printed ticket will be issued.

4)How to use the new booking system if you have and using the current printed tickets  

After registering a new account via the new booking site, please book your preferred class and select “onsite payment” in the payment category. After the booking is made, please bring your printed ticket as usual. There will not be any payment made at the studio. The printed ticket will be regarded the same as before. Please do not forget to bring the ticket.

If you used all of your printed tickets, please purchase a new ticket on the new booking site, select “Ticket” in the payment method category. We will not issue a printed ticket. The status of ticket usage and the number of the tickets can be checked on the website or the application after you logged in.

5)How to use the new booking for the member & visitor who would like to purchase a single class or a new class ticket.   

Please click【Products】from the booking website, choose your preferred ticket (whether you wish to purchase a single ticket or a new class ticket) then book your preferred class.

6)Please create a booking if you would like to attend a class.   

From now on, the payment status of the class and the confirmation of the number of the tickets will be all managed on the new booking site, so if you attend a class without a booking, it would be counted as “attended a class without payment” and the ticket wouldn’t be used, so please create a booking.

At our school, we limit the number of persons for each equipment to maintain the quality of the class by offering enough support by instructors as well as taking measures against COVID-19 infection. One pole for a person and no sharing is permitted. For aerial, one equipment for maximum of 2 people. If you come to the studio without a booking, you may not be able to attend a class depending on the number of attendees.

Also, our staff & instructors prepare the poles and aerial equipment depending on the number of attendees with booking before the class. If you come to the studio without a booking, instructors need to use the class time to prepare the equipment, so please make sure to book a class in advance.

7)Cancellation policy will be revised.  

The cancellation system will be applied 12 hours prior to the class. A full cancellation fee will be charged 12 hours before the class start time.

Cancellation on the day of the class used to charge a full amount of cancellation fee (cancellation by 00:00 at midnight on the day before the booked class), however from June 11, the cancellation fee will not be charged if the class is cancelled 12 hours before.

E.g.: The lesson starting at 7:00 p.m. can be cancelled by 7:00 a.m. on the day without any cancellation fee.


8) Please let us know if there is any issue with the new booking site or if you have inquiries!


If you observe an issue or have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to offer the best service to our customers.

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