Open pole / aerial hours added (No staff)

Added open pole/aerial (no reception staff) slots, which is self-practice hours with a pole or an aerial hoop/tissu each.

There is no reception staff at the open pole/aerial during the time surrounded by the blue frame on the Monthly class calendar, so please note the following if you would like to practice during this time.

  • Since there is no reception staff, we can not help you to switch your pole to spinning, install aerial hoop and tissu, etc., so you will have to do it yourself. Please ask the instructor and reception staff in advance how to do it, and we will teach you carefully.
  • Please pay in advance with a credit card online.
  • If you want to play your music at studio A or B, please take a look and follow this how-to instructional video. How to play music
  • After your practice, please set a pole back to static if it was spinning, clean a pole, mat with alcohol spray.
  • These hours have no staff, so please be careful when practicing. Please note that the school is not responsible for any accidents or injuries that occur at this time.

Thank you!