Private lessons and choreography discount information

We are announcing a special discount for private lessons and choreography creation fee by our instructors for performers of the Valentine’s Day Student Showcase only!

SPECIAL DISCOUNT 1 ) Private lesson

To support your routine, performance theme creation and building up your confidence, we kindly recommend you take a private class! We offer a very special discount for private lessons that is only available to dancers for this event!

* *Full choreography production cost is not included. We will summarise and check the choreography or ideas you have created. If you would like our instructor to create your choreography, please apply for the following [Choreograpy creation & 3 private lessons].

SPECIAL DISCOUNT 2 ) Choreography creation by our instrctuor with 3 private lessons

For those who are interested in performing, however, not confident enough to create full choreography, our instructors will support you fully!  If 3 lessons are not enough, you can add more at a discounted price! We can also choreograph the performers of the pair and trio. 

How to apply:

Please apply via this form.

Please note:

* Private lesson content is limited to teaching the works to be shown at this event.

* Please note that a half price will be charged for cancellation the day before, and a full cancellation fee will be charged for cancellation on the day.

* Please note that space may be shared with open pole students at A studio or other private lessons.