Valentine’s show tickets are now on sale!

Enjoy gorgeous Pole Dance Tokyo students & instructors’ pole dance and aerial shows!

Advance online viewing tickets are now on sale! Even if you can’t watch it on the live date and time, please enjoy it via archive at any time.


Sunmall Dai 7 building B1, 1-19-8 Shinjyuku, Shinjyuku-ku
Tokyo, 160-0022
*3 min walk from exit 2 of the Shinjukugyoen station, Tokyo metoro Marunouchi Line.

Date and Time:

Sunday, February 13th 
Open 6:30 PM, Start 7:00 PM, End 8:45 PM, Close 9:00 PM


Advance Online Ticket: 2,000 yen
Same-Day Ticket / Archive: 2,500 yen
Please purchase a ticket via below online link or at the studio reception.

Performers list:

  1. Tsukika Yamaguchi (Aerial hoop) 
  2. ROSA & GISELE (Aerial hoop duo
  3. Kanako Takeda Pole dance
  4. EviePole dance
  5. ShokoPole dance
  6. Mai & ayaPole dance duo
  7. YusukePole dance
  8. MikaPole dance
  9. RISAPole dance
  10. YuiPole dance Chair
  11. SayakaPole dance
  12. KeiPole dance instructor
  13. YouseiPole dance instructor
  14. MichikoPole dance instructor