How to switch Spinning/Static pole

Hexagon screw-type / From Static to Spinning

① Use a hexagon wrench. Please pic a wrench in the white case on the reception desk at A studio or on the left of the audio equipment in B studio.

② Insert the shorter side of the hex wrench firmly into the hole of the hex screw just above the X mark. (Please insert the wrench firmly into the hole, it may cause damage!)

③ Turn the wrench counterclockwise to loosen the screw.

④ When the screw is loosened, insert the longer side of the hexagon wrench and loosen it until the screw does not come out from the surface of the pole. (Please note that pulling out the screws from the surface may cause injury.)

⑤ Loosen the same screw on the other side as well. Loosen a total of two screws. After using the wrench, be sure to return the wrench back wherever it was before.

This is now a spinning pole! 

Hexagon screw-type – Switch from spinning to static

① Align the loosened screw part on the X mark when making a spinning pole. (Please note that if you do not align it on the X mark, it may cause damage!)

② Insert the hexagon wrench firmly into the screw and turn it clockwise to tighten the screw. (Be careful not to tighten it with force too much.)

③ There is another screw on the other side, so tighten it in the same way. Tighten a total of two screws. Be sure to return the wrench back wherever it was before.

This is now a static pole!

X lock – How to switch spinning/static pole