【No staff hours】Leaving the studio guide.

① Tidying-up

・Wipe the used pole with a towel or tissue lightly sprayed with sterilizers
・Switch back spinning pole static.
・Return the equipment such as aerial tissue (silk) /hoop, and a hex wrench to the original locations.
・Mop the floor.
・Please take your household garbage back.

② Turn off the air conditioner and light.

Turn off all lights on the floor. Please turn off the lights in the toilet and washroom.
* No need to turn off air-con and lights if there are still people in the studio. If you rent B studio, please turn off them when you leave even if there are people in A studio.

Unlock the studio entrance door.
For safety reasons, when you entered the studio, the door is automatically locked from the inside, so turn this knob to the right to unlock the door and open the entrance door by turning the doorknob just below the security lock knob.

④ Turn off the lights at the studio entrance with the entrance door open.
* No need to turn off this light if there are still people in the studio.

⑤ Close the entrance door.
It will be locked automatically within 10 seconds. Please make sure that the door is closed and locked before you leave the studio. If auto-lock does not work, please press the black square key section twice, and it will be locked. (Please see the below picture.) If the door is not locked, please contact us via our IG @poledance_tokyo

We look forward to seeing you again ☆ ゜ :. *. *: … ☆ …