【No staff hours】Opening studio guide

①Open the gate. (It is not locked.) * The gate may be open if someone is already in the studio.

② Open the entrance door with the PIN code
There is the black digital lock on the entrance door of the studio.
1) When you press the square part, the number will illuminate.
2) Enter the PIN code is given with an auto-confirmation email that you received when you booked your slot. and press.
3) Then press “E” at the end to unlock the door.

Please note: Those PIN codes change regularly and randomly for security reasons, if you book your slot two days or more in advance, please use the latest PIN code with a reminder email that you will receive the day before your booking date.

③ There is an electric switch you will see when you open the door. This is the entrance light of the studio, please turn it on. *If someone is already in the studio, this light may have turned on.

④After you turn on the main studio light, please enter the studio and close the entrance door.
The entrance door will be automatically locked after you close it for security reasons.

⑤ Please take off your shoes in front of the shoebox and enter the studio.
Enjoy our studio!