Important: Rental B studio (No staff) Guide & Terms

This is a time frame when our staff is not in the studio.

1) How to use
You will enter the studio with a PIN code given with a confirmation email that you will receive when the studio confirmed your booking.

2) Time to enter and leave the studio.
You can enter the studio 10 minutes before the booking time. After use, please leave within 10 minutes after the booking time ends. Please note that if you enter the studio more than 10 minutes earlier than the booking time and do not leave the studio for more than 10 minutes after the booking time, an additional fee will be added automatically. (Digital data of opening/closing the studio door is recorded.)

3) Payment
・Bank transfer

By cash, please ready the exact amount, put it in an envelope provided in the studio, write your name, reserved date & time on this envelope and the put in the cash post at the reception desk.

By Bank transfer
Please be sure to complete the transfer before the date of use. The transfer fee will be borne by the customer.

Bank Name: Mitsubishi UFJ
Branch name: Aoyama-dori branch
Account Type: Futsu
Account number: 0076757
Account name: カ)アートフロートウキョウ

The studio cannot be used if the fee has not been paid.

4) Spinning/Static poles and aerial equipment installation
Customers are responsible for switching between spinning and static poles. You can see how to do this by the poster on the wall of the studio floor. Please make a booking only for those who can install and withdraw aerial equipment by yourself. Please bring your own carabiner and swivel. Studio’s ones cannot be used during no staff hours.

5) Accidents and loss of valuables
Please note that the studio is not responsible for any accidents, injuries, troubles, personal belongings or loss of valuables that occur during this time.

6) Please turn off the light and air conditioner after use.
Please note that a penalty of 1,500 yen will be incurred if you forget to turn them off.

7) Please read this terms and conditions.