Overnight studio rental discount package

From midnight, 12:00 AM until 6:00 AM  6-hour overnight studio rental discount pack is now available!

You will have ten poles and two aerial hooks at the A Studio.  (Up to 12 poles can be installed!) B Studio has two poles or one pole and two aerial hooks.

A shower room, changing room, and a water dispenser are available.

[Overnight package price – A studio]

16,500 yen (Inc. tax)

☆☆☆SPECIAL OFFER! You can try A Studio at the trial price of 10,500 yen (Inc. tax) which is a 6,000 yen discount until June 30th! ☆☆☆

✅ 10 poles and 2 aerial hooks are available. (Max 12 poles)

✅ 4m ceiling height and very large space for many people!

[Overnight package price – B studio]

6,500 yen (Inc. tax)

✅ 2 poles

✅ Great size for 1-4 people.

Cancellation policy:

For rental studios and late-night packs, cancellation is half price the day before, and a full cancellation fee is charged on the day.

Please book your slot via the apps or the booking site below.

Booking website;


We are now open 24 hours!