Pole dance fitness and circus acrobat classes in the heart of Tokyo with world champion instructors. 


Current promotion 2020 for new students!

Free Pole Dance Tokyo bag

We are giving away Pole Dance Tokyo original bag to those who match the conditions below. Very convenient to carry heels and class wears! 

– Purchase new membership + 10 class ticket
– Memebership renewal
– Purchase 10 class ticket
– Purchase studio original camisole or hand towel
– If you have renewed your membership twice or more and have become permanent members
– If you give us 5-star feedback on google review or facebook review

First come first served, this campaign will end as soon as the bags out so do not miss out! The bags are also on sale for 500 yen (plus tax) at the studio.

Welcome back campaign

The Very attractive campaign has started for those who missed registering to our membership after the trial lesson, those who are not yet our members or former members whose membership had been already expired!

If you visit our studio and purchase 10 class ticket during this period, you will receive FREE for two years membership!
*An additional charge of sports insurance 1,100yen will be charged.

Please choose one of these,

★Pole dance and aerial dance 10 class ticket 37,730 yen (Inc.tax) valid for 3 months

★Kids 10 class ticket 31,570 yen (Inc.tax) valid for 3 months. 

★Sexy bum workout 10 class ticket 23,430 yen (inc.tax) valid for 3 months.This ticket can be used for pole/aerial classes for an additional 1,430 yen per class.

Why Become a Member!?

You can take drop-in classes without being a member, however, our membership provides countless benefits!

1) All classes charged at members rate (Drop-in pole dance class 5,500 yen per class, member rate is 4,400 yen, 3,773 yen per class of 10 class ticket)
2) Available for 5 or 10 class tickets at a reduced rate
3) Available for continuity discount. (Purchase an additional class ticket on your last class day of your current ticket and receive a 400 yen discount on a 5 class ticket or a 1,000 yen discount on a 10 class ticket! commencing from the date of purchase.)
4) Priority entrance and guest passes to parties and events 
5) Friend Referral Program! Refer your friend and their membership fee will be reduced to 6,600 yen. Once they have registered, you will also receive a 1,000 yen discount ticket that can be used for any of our classes (valid for 1 month)
6) Free use of shower facilities (Non-members 500 yen) and more!

We are looking forward to heaving you back to Pole Dance Tokyo studio!

Tourist / Intensive class ticket

Intensive / Tourist class ticket
If you would like to take classes intensively, or your time in Tokyo is limited, you can take advantage of our BEST PRICES!No registration required!
Purchase a 3 class ticket for only 11,400 yen (Inc.tax)
*Ticket valid for one week from the date of purchase for all classes except guest led workshops and private classes. 

Members continuity discount

Purchase an additional class ticket on your last class day of your current ticket and receive a 400 yen discount on a 5 class ticket or a 1,000 yen discount on a 10 class ticket! Ticket valid for 2 months (5 class ticket) or 3 months (10 class ticket) commencing from date of purchase.

The Golden Week holiday limited discount ticket

We are offering special sale during Golden Week 26th April – 6th May 1 class 3,000 yen (+Tax) Ticket available for all classes [10 lesson ticket 30,000 yen (+Tax) Term 1 month ] (Cash only, non-applicable with continuous discount)

Are you worried about the ticket you already have? Problem solved!

If you already have a ticket that you are currently using, we will extend 1 month of Term from the expiration date that is stated on your current ticket by purchasing Golden week special class ticket during the limited period. (Ticket is valid for 1 month from the date of purchasing Golden week special ticket. If you already have a ticket, you can go back to using your current ticket after using all of the Golden week special tickets.) Take advantage of this opportunity to take various classes in Golden Week! A ticket is valid for 1 month so if you purchase during this period you can continue to use it even after Golden Week. We open every day during the Golden Week holiday. 

Weekday contortion class discount ticket! Until the end of May 2019

What is Contortion? Are you interested but hesitant to take the class? We have good news for you! For those who never took contortion class before, we prepared a new ticket which you can take up to 2 contortion class scheduled on a weekday with only 2500 yen per class. Ticket available from today until the end of May!

Contortion trial lesson ticket for 2 class 5,000 yen Tax.inc (Valid for 2 month)

*Purchase available one time only per person
*Available for all contortion class scheduled on a weekday
*Select a Weekday Contortion class (For first timers, please select “Beginners class”) and book online or by phone. 
*Please note that cancellation on your booked class day will cost full cancellation fee

– Ticket available to for those who never took contortion class before and or for those who never been to Pole Dance Tokyo.


10 class ticket 30,000 yen + tax valid for one month until 31st March 2019

Discount class ticket available until 31st March! 10 class ticket 32,400 yen (inc.tax) valid for one month. Big discount for pole dance, aerial hoop, aerial tissu and burlesque class!

*Not available for continuity discount for this ticket.
*Cash purchase only.
*Available for members only.

One coin promotion November 1st – 30st 2018

Celebrating B studio opening, only one coin 500 yen /hour for using Open pole & aerial on the same day of your class day! This campaign applies from Nov 1st to 30th 2018 for those participating in a class on the same day of using Open pole & aerial at B studio. When participating, please book your spot online. Price for A studio (main studio) remains the same.

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