Q1. I’m completely new to dancing 
A1. Don’t worry, our studio’s classes are small in size and we provide careful instruction to absolute beginners. The majority of students in the basic class are complete beginners.

Q2. How do I participate in my first class? 
A2. Please reserve your spot online and show up at the studio 10 minutes prior to class.
 Guidance for new students

Q3. How do I register to become a member?
A3. You can sign up online or at the studio.

Q4. Who comes to the classes?  
A4. We have a large variety of students attending our studio, from working people in their 20s to those in their 50s, students, housewives, those taking classes as a hobby, as well as those seeking to become professional dancers.
 Students voices

Q5. Are there opportunities to showcase the pole dances practised?
A5.  Our school holds student performances approximately once every 2-6 months and we also offer our advanced students opportunities to appear in the media, events and shows.

Q6. Where can I watch pole/aerial dancing?
A6.  Please refer to our home page and social media as we update these sites with information about shows and performances. Please also join our newsletter, we never pass your details to 3rd parties and select our news carefully. You can cancel anytime. You can see our performance/class videos on our Youtube channel. Please subscribe.

Q7. I do not understand how to use the online reservation system. 
A7. Please visit This Page

Q8. Can I observe a class?
A8. Class observations are available for the first time only. For additional class observations, we charge half of the class fee.(Observations are not available for open pole/aerial hours and only male/men.)

Q9. How many students are in each class? How many poles do you have?
A9. We are equipped with 15 poles and in most classes, we are able to provide one pole per student.

Q10. Can men participate in pole dance classes as well?
A10. All our classes are open to men.