Please check class cancellations, changes & substitution info on top page.
*Please book your spot online.
*Please select Diana, Alice, Lu, Tomo, Chiharu if you prefer English speaking instructor.


May to June Burlesque class

Tuesday 20:40
Thursday 14:20 *9th May only*

Style: Sexy Chair Dance 
Song title: “River” by Bishop Briggs 

What to bring: High heel shoes 👠 *Optional: Long gloves, your favorite sexy outfit.


Past Burlesque Class Movies

Sep. – Oct. 2017 by Diana

Nov. – Dec. 2016 by Diana

Sep. – Oct. 2014 by Diana

May – Jun. 2014 by Diana

Mar. – Apr. 2014 by Diana

Jan. – Feb. 2014 by Diana

Nov. – Dec. 2013 by Diana

Sep. – Oct. 2013 by Diana

Jul. – Aug. 2013 by Diana

May – Jun. 2013 by Diana

Mar. – Apr. 2013 by Diana

Jan. – Feb. 2013 by Diana


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