Pole dance fitness and circus acrobat classes in the heart of Tokyo with world champion instructors. 

Welcome new students

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Welcome to Pole Dance Tokyo! Are you ready to take your very first class at our studio? Let’s start!


Pole Dance TokyoHow to participate in your trial class

1. Choose your class
Please choose a class that fits your experience level from our class schedule and reserve your spot online. Please choose a beginner or a beginner and intermediate mix class if you have little or no pole dance/aerial dance experience. Your first class will be 2,500 yen as a trial fee.

2. See you at the studio!

Please arrive 10 minutes before the class.


Don’t worry! Our basic class is for the absolute beginner! All our instructors are very friendly, we are committed to teaching slowly and carefully.

Wishing to take a class in English?

Please choose Diana’s class. All our other instructors speak basic conversational English.

More questions?

Please take a look Q&A .

Students voices

Please visit here.


Pole Dance Basic Class

Pole Dance Tokyo1) Warm up

In order to prevent injuries, we start with a warm-up.



Pole Dance Tokyo

2) Stretch

Fully stretch the body using the pole!



Pole Dance Tokyo3) Walk

A walking exercise around the pole focusing on landing on the tips of your toes. Walking beautifully leads to proper posture!

Pole Dance Tokyo4) Spin

Gain momentum while walking, hook one leg on the pole and spin! Relax, use your body weight and let the centrifugal force take care of your body.


Pole Dance Tokyo

5) Dance

Try out a simple dance! Using the walk and spins that you just practiced, we create a simple choreograph routine and dance it to the music. Showtime!


Pole Dance Tokyo

6) Warm down

We end with a simple stretch to loosen the muscles. Well done!

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