Lu's Pole Dance and Aerial Dance Studio [Pole Dance Tokyo] : The largest in Japan with a world champion instructor. 3min walk from Akasaka/Akasakamitsuke station.

Fees & System

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Our classes can be started at any time, please book in advance to reserve your space. Classes are open to those not registered as members yet (at visitor fee). 

Trial Class

Wanna find out what we’re all about?! Book here and take a trial class only 2,500 yen (VALID FOR YOUR FIRST CLASS ONLY).

Membership Registration / Renewal

Membership fee:Valid for 2 years 11,880 yen inc tax.
Renewal fee:Valid for 2 years 5,940 yen inc tax.

*Membership fee is not refundable under any circumstances.

Special promotions for new students! 
Join for HALF of the standard registration fee when you register on the same day as your trial class!

Join for FREE when you register AND purchase a 10 class ticket on the same day as your trial class!

Membership Benefits
* All classes charged at members rate
* Available of 5 or 10 class tickets at a reduced rate
* Available for continuity discount. (Purchase an additional class ticket on your last class day of your current ticket and receive a 400 yen discount on a 5 class ticket or a 1,000 yen discount on a 10 class ticket commencing from the date of purchase.)
* Priority entrance and guest passes to parties and events
* First to get the latest information
Friend Referral Program! Refer your friend and their membership fee will be reduced to 5,940 yen. Once they have registered, you will also receive a 1,000 yen discount ticket that can be used for any of our classes (valid for 1 month)
* Free use of shower facilities (Non-members 500 yen)

About renew memebership:

Become a member 
・You will get 2 years membership/above membership benefits. 
Renew membership after 2 years 
・You will get another 2 years of membership with a renew fee 5940 yen + sports insurance 1,080 yen
・You will get 2 years membership/above membership benefits. 
・You will receive one of our original items.
・You will receive a free open pole/aerial ticket and 1,000 yen discount ticket (both valid for 1 month)
Renew after 4 years 
・You will get a permanent membership with the last renew fee 5940 yen + sports insurance 1,080 yen
・You will permanent sports insurance at the studio.
・You will receive one of our original items.
・You will receive 2 free open pole/aerial tickets and 2 of 1,000 yen discount tickets (both valid for 2 months)

Intensive / Tourist ticket

If you would like to take classes intensively, or your time in Tokyo is limited, you can take advantage of our BEST PRICES! Purchase a 3 class ticket for only 11,100 yen!
*No registration required! Ticket valid for one week from the date of purchase for all classes except guest led workshops and private classes.

Class Fee

Class tickets are available only for members.

Pole Dance, Sexy Pole Choreo, GOGO Pole Dance, Aerial Tissu, Aerial Hoop, Acrobat and Contortion
Member 4,300 yen inc tax  fee per class
Visitor 5,400 yen inc tax  fee per class
5 class ticket (valid for 2 months) 19,500 yen inc tax 3,900 yen inc tax per class
10 class ticket (valid for 3 months) 37,000 yen inc tax 3,700 yen inc tax per class
Burlesque *Class tickets can be used for the above classes for an additional 600 yen per class. *You can share kids pole dance class tickets with your family members.
Member 3,600 yen inc tax  fee per class
Visitor 4,300 yen inc tax  fee per class
5 class ticket (valid for 2 months) 16,500 yen inc tax 3,300 yen inc tax per class
10 class ticket (valid for 3 months) 31,000 yen inc tax 3,100 yen inc tax per class
Strength and Flexibility  *Class tickets can be used for pole/aerial classes for an additional 1,400 yen per class, for burlesque class for an additional 800 yen per class. 
Member 2,700 yen inc tax  fee per class
Visitor 3,240 yen inc tax  fee per class
10 class ticket (valid for 3 months) 23,000 yen inc tax 2,300 yen inc tax per class
Open Pole/Aerial  *Self practice hour. Visitor fee is an additional 400 yen per hour 
Open pole (member) 2,160 yen inc tax fee per hour
Open aerial (member) 2,600 yen inc tax fee per hour
10 hour ticket (valid for 4 months) 17,800 yen inc tax 1,780 yen inc tax per hour

Terms and conditions for 5 and 10 class ticket:

・Available to members only
・Tickets may only be used by the purchaser.
・Ticket must be shown in order to be used.
・Please be aware that if the ticket is stolen or lost, it will not be reissued.
・Tickets that have expired cannot be used.
・Tickets cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be refund.
・The class schedule is subject to change due to performances and media appearances by the instructors.
In these cases, refunds will not be made. Furthermore, please note that there are days when the studio is closed, such as at the end and beginning of the year and during the summer.
・Tickets cannot be used for private classes and certain workshops.
・Tickets cannot be extend for any reason except natural disaster.


Reservations are not required. Please check our class schedule and show up at the class that you wish to observe.

Rental wear

500 yen for top and bottom, ladies size only. 250 yen for only top or bottom.


Shower facilities are free to use for our members and 500 yen for visitors. Please bring your own towel, we have no rental towels.

Private Classes – Private group classes – Bachelorette party (Hen party)

For reservations, please contact us with at least 2 preferred class dates and instructor’s name if you have a preference.

Cancellation fees apply:

Day prior to class = 100% of total fee

2 days prior to class = 50% of total fee

Class Number of students Fee
Private class per hour
*4 class ticket is available, please ask us.
1 15,750 yen inc tax
Private group class per hour 2 20,000 yen inc tax
3 – 6 27,000 yen inc tax
7 – 10 30,000 yen inc tax
More than 11 Please contact us.


How to participate in our classes

Please reserve your spot online in advance. 




Pole Dance Tokyo limits class sizes to ensure the highest quality instruction and therefore requires reservations in advance (Pole Dance, Sexy Pole Choreo, GOGO pole dance, Aerial Tissu, Aerial Hoop classes). We charge full price for cancellation on the day of the class. However, we accept requests to reschedule except GOGO pole dance, aerial tissu, aerial hoop, workshop and student showcase course. In the event that you are unable to attend a class, one transfer to another day is permitted without cancellation fees. It is not allowed to transfer the same class twice. Please be considerate of other students who may be on the waiting list for your class. Please make any changes online.


Terms and conditions


・We are not responsible for injuries, accidents, or lost property at our studio.
・Please do not record our classes.
・Please do not bring babies or children without an adult supervisor, we have no baby or childcare facilities
・We will deny entry if you cause any damage or disruption to our studio, equipment, instructors, students, clients and staff.
・No smoking at our studio.
・We require your parent or guardian’s permission if you are under 18 years old.
・We close for summer and new year holiday an may also close for other unexpected reasons if necessary.
・Please understand that our class schedule is subject to change due to shows and media performances by our instructors.
・No business or solicitations of our staff, students or clients may take place in our studio.


Studio Rental Price

Purpose Number of people Price per hour
Studio rental usage by 1 – 5 people ¥6,480 including tax
Studio rental usage by 6 people or more ¥10,800 including tax
Shooting or filming Unlimited ¥16,200 including tax


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