Thank you for your support as always.

As you may already know, the second state of emergency was announced on January 7, 2021. Our studio will continue to hold classes as usual, but all our staff will pay more attention to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection, and once again, we would like to ask our customers for their cooperation in preventing the spread of the following infections. 

– Notice of postponement of Valentine’s students showcase.

Due to the state of emergency, Valentine’s students showcase originally scheduled for February has been postponed to Saturday, April 17th.

– Precautions for visiting

Please wear a mask when you come to the studio.

When you come to the studio, please be sure to disinfect your hands with alcohol.

Please wear a mask during the class.

Please cooperate in hand washing and alcohol disinfection before and after the class.

Classes will continue to be held with the number of participants reduced, so please make a reservation in advance.

Instructors may avoid assistance during classes that touch your body to avoid contact infections.

Please be careful about temperature control as the studio is always well ventilated.

Please refrain from arriving more than 20 minutes before the class starts and staying more than 20 minutes after the class ends.

Please refrain from eating with friends in the studio.

Please refrain from taking a class if you are not feeling well, such as coughing, fever, pain, or fatigue.

If you have travelled abroad in the past two weeks, please refrain from taking a class.

In addition, please refrain from attending if you have close contact with those who meet the above conditions.

We will be open as usual, however, for customers who are uncertain about attending classes, we will extend the period of one month when the state of emergency is issued if you have a class ticket. Please contact us by email.

Thank you for your cooperation.