ご紹介者様へ → レッスン1回無料券プレゼント!


お友達へ – 入会金半額または無料&グッズ(バッグとハンドタオル)プレゼント!


入会のみ → 通常の入会金13,200円が半額の6,600円に!

ご入会&10回のレッスンチケット(3ヶ月有効 / 税込37,730円)をご購入 → 通常の入会金13,200円が全額無料!


Q. 会員になると何か良いの?
A. 以下のたくさんの優待が受けれます!
1. レッスンやオープンポール&エアリアル(自主練習時間)が会員価格になります。(レッスンだと1回づつビジターさんより1,000円も安い!)
2. お得なレッスンチケットをご購入出来ます。(チケットの方が1回づつ払いよりさらに安い!)
3. レッスンチケット継続割が受けれます。(レッスンを受け続けると毎回さらに400円、1,000円割引有り!)
4. オープンポール&エアリアル(自主練習時間)専用の割引チケットも購入が可能
5. パーティ、イベントの割引・ゲスト枠や参加資格・優先入場などが受けられます。
6. シャワーご利用無料(ビジターさんは1回¥500)
7. お友達紹介キャンペーン適応!


Introduce a Friend Spring Special: Introduce your friends to Pole Dance Tokyo!
Valid from April 5th to June 5th

Members of Pole Dance Tokyo who introduce their friends to our classes and will receive a special reward for themselves and their guests!

<Member Reward: 1 free class!>

If you introduce your friends to our studio and they become a member, you will receive 1 voucher for a free class for each of your friends who becomes a member, applicable for all lessons except for workshops, valid for 2 months.

<Guest Reward: 50% or 100% off the Membership Fee & Gift (bag & hand towel)>

Friends introduced to our studio by current members will receive the following discounts:

  • For purchase of the membership only
    You will get 50% off the promotional price for 2years Membership fee: reduced to 6,600 yen from 13,200 yen
  • For purchase of the membership & 10 class ticket package 37,730 yen
    You will get 100% off the Membership fee: reduced to 0 yen from 13,200 yen

*An additional payment of 1,100 yen is required for sports insurance.


If you have done a trial lesson with us before but not joined our studio yet, please take this opportunity!


Pole Dance will help you keep fit and healthy avoiding Corona stress and weight gain while keeping social distance!

The distance between the poles is 1.5m.

One pole per person is provided and you will never share a pole with others.

Instructors and students are required to wear masks during the class and alcohol sanitisers are provided at the studio. So, it is safe!

  1. Discount on drop-in class fees
  2. 5 and 10 class discount package class tickets available
  3. Continuity discount for continued package purchases (Purchase an additional class ticket on your last class day of your current ticket and receive a 400 yen discount on a 5 class ticket or a 1,000 yen discount on a 10 class ticket commencing from the date of purchase.)
  4. Priority entrance and guest passes to parties and events
  5. Friend Referral Program!