All about you! Your pace, your goals, your schedule

Announcing our current promotion until May 6th; DISCOUNTED PRIVATE ONLINE classes. Let’s dance at home this Golden Week holiday!

– Our private online classes are all about you! Your pace, your goals, your schedule

– Private online pole dance classes are available if you have a pole at your place

– Don’t worry if you have no pole at yours, there are a variety of dances you can learn!  This is a great opportunity to learn how to perform without a pole, hoop or tissu

– Private online contortion classes available too!

– Weight loss goals? Want an original exercise plan just for you? Contact us now!

*Additional choreography fee for incorporating your music selection. Please contact us for more details.


You will need

An internet-enabled device; PC, Mac, laptop, iPhone, Android, iPad or tablet. A clear space of 1-2 Yoga mat space, If you have a mat (yoga/exercise mat) at home, this could be useful. Fitness-friendly attire. 

Class Fee

Payment will be by credit card online.

Private class *No pole/aerial dance, (Contortion 60min only)
Member 30min 6,000 yen Promotion now! 5,500 yen inc. tax
Member 60min 12,000 yen  Promotion now! 9,980 yen inc. tax
Pole dance private class 60min *Only if you have a pole at your home.
Member 60min 16,500yen  Promotion now! 13,500 yen inc. tax

How to apply

Please provide details on the message section of our online form and apply via the form.

1) Dates and times you wish to have a class.

2) Instructor (choose from the list below or leave blank if you have no preference)

Eri (Contortionist)
Non (Contortionist)

Instructor profiles

How to participate 

1) DL Zoom on your device. (First time only)
If you have Zoom (Free) on your device already, please go 2)

Zoom DL links are here;
iPhone or ipad
Android or tablet

2) Enjoy the class!
You’ll receive an email from us with a streaming link and password after your booking is confirmed. Click the streaming link. Please ensure you are online and connecting to the Zoom platform at least 5min before class. 

What is Zoom

Zoom is a free video conference service you can use to virtually meet with others – either by video or audio-only or both, all while conducting live chats.

Cancellation Policy

Private class – we charge a 50% cancellation fee for cancellations made 1 day prior to class. A full cancellation fee will be charged or on the day of the class.