Saturday, START 8:30 PM December 26th FREE Pole Dance Tokyo – Live-streaming online Christmas & End year show!

Outstanding students & Pole Dance Tokyo instructors presenting live online Christmas & Year-end shows!

This is an online event you can watch on your smartphone, tablet or computer from the comfort of your home or anywhere you are. *No need for reservations in advance to watch this event.

The viewing is free of charge, but we would be very grateful if you could support us in the form of “donations” for future studio operations and dancers! Pole Dance Tokyo needs your support to overcome these difficult times.

Please click ¥ at the bottom of our Youtube live chatbox then “SUPER CHAT”, set your donation price and send, DONE!

Viewing link:

*Please click this link when it’s time.

Performance timetable:

01 Charmy(Instructor) / Aerial hoop

02 Din / Aerial hoop

03 Atsuko & Julia / Aerial hoop

04 Miguel (Instructor) & Jody Akal / Acrobalance

05 Yuko / Pole dance

06 Jojo (Instructor) and Aya / Pole dance

07 Keiko / Pole dance

08 Tiffany & Nicole / Pole dance

09 Kanae / Pole dance

10 Lela / Pole dance

11 Las Bonitas / Pole dance

12 Hazel / Contortion

13 yui / Pole dance

14 SAYAKA / Pole dance

15 Rose (Instructor) / Pole dance

16 Yose (Instructor) / Pole dance

17 AIRA (Instructor) & Jojo (Instructor)/ Pole dance

18 Charmy (Instructor) / Pole dance

19 Christi Ray (Instructor) / Pole dance