Mighty Grip Pole Dance Full Tacky Knee Pads 4,950 yen inc. tax

– Not bulky like other knee pads. Comfortable, sleek and effective for floor work and pole dancing.

– Cut-outs on the back of the pads allow you to grip the pole without slipping.

– This new design has a thicker pad and is contoured to cup your knee so it moves with your body.

– The tack strips are divided into sections enabling the sheath to flex as your knee bends and straightens.

– These knee pads have the Mighty Grip signature open back and quality construction.

The knee and climbing pads allow you to transition easily from floor to pole. They cover enough of your knee to protect but not too much to prevent you from gripping the pole. Safer and more comfortable than your bare skin. The image shows the front and the back of the pads. The padding on the knee is not bulky or tacky. You can slide on the floor, drag your knee(s) or crawl without sticking to the floor.

Color; Black
Size; S, M, L

Mighty Grip Pole Dancing Ankle Protectors 3,960 yen inc.tax

– Protect your ankles from pain and bruising caused by gripping the dance pole.
– Grip the pole without sliding caused by sweat.
– Makes climbing and maneuvering the pole safer and easier.
– Great for beginner through advanced pole athletes.
– Makes pole fitness easier and allows you to focus on building strength and confidence.

Mighty Grip Ankle Protectors For Pole Dancing With Tacky Strips for gripping the pole. Ankle protectors with tacky strips help the novice build confidence while increasing upper body strength. Also for the advanced dancer/student as one can practice longer and harder with confidence and reduced bruising to the ankle area.

Color; Black
Size; M, L

Mighty Grip Special Formula for Pole Dancing 2,200 yen inc.tax


Mighty Grip Powder allows you to grip the dance pole without slipping. Apply to clean dry skin after warm-up. The heat from your hands & body activates Mighty Grip. Safe to use on hands and body. Will not pill or transfer. Useful for all racquet or ball sports. Washes off with soap and water.

PD9 – Pole dancing grip liquid 1,295 yen inc.tax

Anti-slip liquid developed exclusively for pole dancers, recommended for those who slip the pole with sweat. No rosin component is used. Please shake it well before use. 60ml, made in Japan.

Mighty Grip – Poletice (Liquid) XL 3.3oz. 3,200 yen inc. tax

Natural Organic Formula for Help with Sweaty Palms.
Poletice is the best product on the market to improve your grip by controlling heavy palm perspiration or Hyperhidrosis. 100% natural will not dry and crack your skin and lasts for hours.

Camisole 3,300 yen inc. tax

Made by American Apparel. Pole Dance Tokyo original camisole. 

Hand Towel 1,100 yen inc. tax

Pole Dance Tokyo original hand towel.

Pole Dance Tokyo eco bag 1,100 yen inc. tax

Pole Dance Tokyo original eco bag. Great size to carry your high heels or sports wears.